Our Methods

7555763240_7c4fa2463fAt Root Mass Farm, we respect the health of the soil, the health of the plants, and the health of the people who work the land (us!).  We aim to nourish a thriving farm ecosystem, full of insects, birds, fungus, microscopic stuff, and even weeds.


We use manure, organic fertilizers, and cover crops to build fertility in our soil.  We use radishes and broadforks  to improve drainage.  We use our muscles and our shuffle hoes to knock back weeds, and we rely on the spiders, ladybird beetles, and floating row cover to do a lot of our pest management.


If things get bad, we may use a pesticide approved for organic use, but mostly we just try to keep things lively.  If you’d like to get a more personal sense of how things are done around here, we encourage you to visit the farm.  After all, we could use your help squashing potato beetles and taming the pigweed.