Bug Scale Rating: -2* You’ve seen the damage they inflict–tiny little holes in our radish greens, kohlrabi leaves, and mesclun mix.  The greens look like they’ve been assaulted by an unstable David the Gnome wielding a tiny, gnome-sized pool cue (maybe smaller than David the Gnome, though–didn’t he ride a […]

This Week in Bugs: The Flea Beetle

Boots 2 3
Most things in life evolve too slowly to notice in the moment.  I know my face is changing, but I can’t say where or how.  Roads develop new potholes and trees grow more rings, but who knows when.  It just makes me yearn for time lapse videos of everything–the expansion […]

Time Lapse My Life

Scape for Blog
We get that question a lot during garlic scape season, and with good reason.  Upon first glance, the garlic scape is definitely an enigma.  Its name contains a familiar word–garlic–and there are parts of the food that vaguely resemble garlic.  But it’s also kind of wacky looking.  When Landon was […]

“How do you use that?”

Being a farmer has its advantages. No, they don’t include steady income, access to affordable healthcare, or regular hours. But they DO include wicked fancy salads! Every time I thin flats in the greenhouse, I end up with a wicked fancy salad.  Here at Root Mass, we throw dozens of […]

Unexpected Farmer Perk: Wicked Fancy Salads

Over the past few weeks, Landon and I have been dealing with the realities of our hardpan.  It’s a nasty, compact layer of soil about 4-6 inches beneath the topmost layer that causes all sorts of problems.  Most maddeningly, it interferes with root growth and prevents proper drainage. We’re not […]

Wanna See Me Disco?

Fig Trees 2
This past Thursday, Landon and I celebrated our unofficial six year anniversary.  We had long-standing plans to get some portable speakers for the iPod, but things were a little too hectic last week to make that happen.  Instead, we celebrated by doing what we like to do best when the […]

Figs and Other Small Things

Finished Plate 1
Landon and I love selling at Headhouse Market.  It’s well-organized, the customers are terrific, and the vendors are super supportive.  Well, that’s why we love it as business owners. As people who love food, we love it for the shopping.  Landon and I make sure to snag some groceries toward […]

Dinner Time

Landon and I live in the country.  Fact.  There aren’t many jobs in the country for a Sociology major with non-profit event planning experience.  Shit.  Who am I kidding–there aren’t a lot of jobs anywhere for a Sociology major with non-profit event planning experience. So, when I reentered the job […]

The Fantasies of an Angry Commuter

When Landon and I started this venture, we knew our friends and family would be supportive.  We’re incredibly fortunate to have people in our lives who believe in our abilities to try something new and recover from our mistakes. But we couldn’t have imagined the depth and sincerity of their […]

Much Love to Naked Tim

When we first visited what is now Root Mass Farm, Wilbur greeted us warmly–jaws agape, anxiously awaiting an edible treat.  It’s been over a year now, and we’ve gotten kind of intimate. This Monday though, he’s off to the butcher.  As a farewell tribute to our farm friend, we’ve compiled […]

A Farewell Tribute to Wilbur The Pig

Squash Vine Borer 2
Bug scale rating:  -3* People wax poetic about the arrival of spring’s first harvest–the asparagus and the strawberries and the radishes that remind us, no, winter won’t last forever.  Not me, though.  My heart belongs to fall.  Every September, my stomach fist pumps at the sight of the first winter […]

This Week in Bugs: The Squash Vine Borer