Lindsey and Landon

Root Mass Farm<br /><br />Oley, PA<br /><br />July 5, 2012

Neither of us grew up on a farm or in the presence of farming parents.  We’re children of the suburbs who got hooked on growing food.


Landon spent summers in college interning on sustainable vegetable farms in Massachusetts and New York.  After a few growing seasons cut short by the impending school year, Landon decided to take a semester off to see a season through from beginning to end.  He then honed his farming chops at the Wyck Home Farm in Philly for 3 seasons, selling to Germantown neighbors steps away from where the food was grown.  Since starting the farm, he’s not only scaled up his agriculture know-how, but also picked up some new tricks.  He can now fix the brakes of a Dodge van, change the spark plug on a tractor, and convince a pig to return to its home.


Prior to starting Root Mass, Lindsey knew almost nothing about farming, but she liked the idea of making something useful and working in the sunshine.  The learning curve has been both steep and rewarding.  Sometimes though, she still feels overwhelmed by all the things she doesn’t know.  The height of her farming career will come when she wins the hay bale toss at the Oley Valley Community Fair.