Farmers for Farmers

It will come as no surprise that Landon and I have been pretty shaken up by all the devastation going on around us over the past few months. The magnitude of need is overwhelming, so we decided to combat those feelings of helplessness by doing something small.

This week, we’re donating 20% of our market sales to farmers in Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria wiped out 80% of the island’s crops, and farmers are scrambling to rebuild their livelihoods and grow food for themselves and their neighbors. Several organizations have sprung up to help them with their efforts, and we’ll be sending some funds to two of them: Puerto Rico Resiliency Fund and Visit Rico.

If you want us to donate any portion of your stake to these organizations, please let us know either via email or at the market. If have any questions about this effort or would like to know more about our decision-making process, please don’t hesitate to email us or chat us up at market. We’re always excited to hear your thoughts!