An Election Response


I know this space isn’t the most natural forum for discussing presidential politics, but Landon and I can’t seem to think about much else. Our bodies ache today not with the pains of farm work, but with the anxiety and tension of what this country will look like moving forward.

We’re worried about our business under a president that shows such disdain for science and the social safety net. But more acutely, we’re scared for all of our loved ones, friends, and customers who are left most vulnerable in this time of heightened hate and bigotry: families that face deportation, religious persecution, untenable healthcare costs, increased police surveillance, and so many other ugly manifestations of oppression.

Sadness and anger is the order of the day, but we know we will soon find solace in the strength, resilience, and bravery of our communities. And, as always, we will find solace in the dirt. Farming, for all of its day-to-day minutiae, is inherently a forward-looking profession. Believing in the mission of sustainability is to have faith in the long game. We put in the work now knowing we may not reap the rewards for years to come. And so, as we look out over a bleak today, we remind ourselves to keep on working, fighting, and loving, inspired by the hope that Frances will know a different, more beautiful tomorrow.