Lots of Changes, Max

Little carrots in the foreground, big carrot tops in the background

Little carrots in the foreground, happy carrot tops in the background


Not to diminish the coolness of carrots, but I wish I had included a picture of the mountain of dirty plug flats living in the barn, just so you could see the visual proof of how close we are to getting everything in the ground. The planting season begins in April as soon as we can work the earth and plows through the spring and summer without much respite. Our goal is to get almost everything planted 60 days prior to early-November so we can be sure the crops reach maturity before the days get too short. And guess what? We’re just a couple weeks away from the deadline!


Pretty soon, the greenhouse will empty of its last transplant stragglers and fill up with curing winter squash and sweet potatoes. I always love the greenhouse’s transition from seed nursery to squash sauna–one of the many markers of fall on the farm. It’s the difference between seeing a “to-do list” and a basking in a job complete. Plus, it also means we get to eat lots of squash.