Bad News, Tempered by Some Good Spuds

July 13, 2014


Usually, we try to reserve this space for good news, but Landon and I felt it was time to share some heavier stuff. It’s about the garlic. As some of you may remember, we had some woeful disease problems with last year’s garlic crop, resulting in much lower yields than expected. We made some changes to our bed prep and compost applications in hopes of making things nicer for this year’s crop, but alas, no luck.


Garlic diseases tend to linger in the soil for many years, and we have one of the nastier ones. We’ll have some garlic this fall, but it’s only for stakeholders. You won’t see it on the table, so make sure to ask.


As for next year’s crop, we’re trying to keep our expectations realistic. We’ll do our best to source the finest seed stock and choose our site wisely, but an abundant garlic harvest may not be in the cards for the next few years. Our hearts are a little bit broken. You know what, though? Nothing drives innovation more than a little bit of heartbreak.