A Thanks to our Awesome Customers

Strawberry blossoms!  It won't be long now.

Strawberry blossoms! It won’t be long now.

Thanks for joining Landon and me for our fourth season!  We’re excited to have some new folks on board and excited to see some familiar faces.  There are lots of exceptional CSA options in our region, so we’re especially grateful you decided to support our little two-person, 3-acre farm.


The cool weather this spring set things back a few weeks–our direct seeded crops were slow to germinate and our transplants took their time getting acclimated to the outdoors.  Even the weeds have been hesitant to poke through the soil!  But things are starting to shift.  The strawberries are blossoming (see photo above) and the pea shoots are putting on size.  We’re predicting a bountiful June.  In times like this, your support is even more essential to the health of our farm.  So, thanks again!