Can You Spot the Difference?

Our compost pile is kind of a mess right now.  Where there should be decomposing organic matter, you’ll find volunteer sweet potato slips, vigorous tomatoes, and mystery squash vines.  It’s not ideal for making compost, but it’s a good setting for a game of Photo Hunt.


How does Photo Hunt work?  You look at two nearly identical pictures side-by-side and try to spot the differences.  In the compost pile pictures below, there are 5 small differences between the original photo and its modified twin.  Can you find them?




Answers:  Change #1=Logo from Kimberton Whole Foods paper bag erased, Change #2=Additional seed plugs (the brown squares) added to the bottom left corner of the picture, Change #3=Wetness added to a cinder block in the top left corner, Change #4=Picture of a mouse added just to the right of the paper bag, Change #5=Stone in the center top section of the screen turned slightly orange