Our Secret Ingredient

When starting a farm, it’s hard not to use whatever random stuff is lying around to build the farm’s tools and infrastructure.  The random stuff is free and convenient, and both those things trump the aesthetics and longevity of new stuff.


Our farm is endowed with one particular type of stuff over all others.  We inherited this item when we took over the farm and it lives under a blue tarp in the barn.  We use this secret ingredient in all corners of the farm, sometimes in unexpected ways.  Your job is to guess the secret ingredient based on the pictures below.  CHALLENGE:  See how many pictures it takes you to identify the mystery under the tarp.


Mystery pile! What’s beneath that blue tarp?


Secret Ingredient: Example #1



Secret Ingredient: Example #2


Secret Ingredient: Example #3


Secret Ingredient: Example #4


Secret Ingredient: Example #5


Secret Ingredient: Example #6

What’s our farm’s secret ingredient?  If you guessed wood pallets, you’d be… really close.  The answer is:  cinder blocks!  If we’re mapping out any sort of long-term structure, chances are we’re thinking about using cinder blocks.  That blue tarp conceals a lifetime of budget improvements and semi-permanent dreams.