“Children of the Corn” and other Movies

Root Mass Farm has been blessed with visitors lately.  As a matter of fact, we’ve had folks come to the farm for the past 4 weekends and plan to make it a 5th.  Our friends are the nicest.  This past week, Landon and I got to share our home, our farm, our swiss chard, and our cat with the inimitable Kris Zwak.

Kris gets excited about country things–the cows and the chickens and, of course, the vast fields of corn surrounding our little acre of veggies.  “Children of the Corn!  Can we do a reenactment of Children of the Corn?  Do you have corn?!”  I had to break it to Kris that, while we had some corn, it was growing in a three sisters arrangement:  corn, beans, and squash all at once.  “Oh, OK.  Well, maybe we could do Children of the Sustainably-Raised Companion Planting Corn (plus Beans and Squash).”  Tempting, but I had to let Kris know that Root Mass Farm corn, unlike most late-July corn, is a scant 4 feet tall.  “Hmmmm…  BABIES of the Sustainably-Raised Companion Planting Corn (plus Beans and Squash)?”  That movie would’ve been scary as shit, but alas, the loyal recreation of the original never got made.

Kris’s enthusiasm to turn our farm into a movie set got me thinking, though.  There are all sorts of weird looking things that can transport you to a different place or time, especially if you take the worm’s eye view.  Except I don’t have the skills or the know-how to morph the farm into a movie set.  So, I decided to start with some still images and hope the movie comes later.