Time Lapse My Life 3

Most things in life evolve too slowly to notice in the moment.  I know my face is changing, but I can’t say where or how.  Roads develop new potholes and trees grow more rings, but who knows when.  It just makes me yearn for time lapse videos of everything–the expansion of my cat’s girth, the wear of my bike’s tire treads, the accumulation of dirt on my carpet.  I want to pay someone to time lapse my life.  Or maybe I should just let it go.

Fortunately for me, life on the farm is ever-changing in all sorts of in-your-face ways.  The fields never look the same from moment-to-moment.  A stubborn little pigweed emerges in a freshly weeded bed.  A zucchini plumps up right before my eyes.  It’s a gratifying experience to witness such tangible and obvious change.

And the farm’s catalyzing reach extends beyond the fields.  It makes its imprint on our bodies and our belongings.  I can see it on the palms of my hands and the varying pigmentation of my skin, on the holes in my jeans and the cracks in my boots.  Nothing’s immune.

Don’t get me wrong, though.  Change may happen quickly on the farm, but I still want to time lapse the shit out of all of it.  Landon’s already agreed to let me document next season’s farmer’s tan.  I’m due for a new pair of boots, and you know I’m going to record their wear and tear.  I want to witness the lovely okra blossom open and close in rapid succession and watch the little nub of the okra pod reach its gumbo-size.  The quicker the change, the more eager I am to consume it in full.

If you want to be an enabler, you can include your time lapse requests in the comments below.  Or maybe we should just let it go.