Entrepreneurship Breeds Humility: A First Market Recap 3

This past Sunday, Landon and I attended our very first farmers’ market as Root Mass Farm.  Someone should’ve passed the word onto our fields.  The rain and cool weather slowed our harvest to a near standstill–we had just under $100 of produce to sell.  What do you want first?  The good news or the bad news?  Good news:  we sold all of it (with the exception of two bunches of lemon balm)!  Bad news:  most of it was gone by 10:30.

BUT WAIT, we have more good news.  Landon and I had a great time!  We reconnected with some friendly faces and met some new ones.  We pitched our Garden Stake and got some positive feedback.  Six people checked out books from the lending library, and five of them were strangers!  But they’re not strangers anymore.

For 4 hours, we were reminded of why we decided to do this thing in the first place–a reminder we desperately needed amidst the early season stumbling blocks.  Connecting to people around food and having those connections grow into something bigger felt really nice.  So, maybe we looked a little silly with an empty table and a few milk crates full of books.  If we’re afraid of looking silly, we won’t last long as farmers.

As we explained our crop list to the customers on Sunday, I could tell they believed in our ability to fill up that table with lovely vegetables.  And seeing their faith helped me believe it, too.

We don’t have any pictures of the event, but our very talented friend Albert Yee got some good shots.  Check ’em out at Messy and Picky.