Much Love to Naked Tim

When Landon and I started this venture, we knew our friends and family would be supportive.  We’re incredibly fortunate to have people in our lives who believe in our abilities to try something new and recover from our mistakes.

But we couldn’t have imagined the depth and sincerity of their support.  The words of encouragement, the monetary donations, the contributions of time and labor…  you all have done too much.  And we love you for it, very much.

So, from time to time, we want to take advantage of this somewhat public forum to say “Thanks”.  We will never be able to say it loud enough or strong enough to aptly capture our gratitude, but it’s a start.  So, we’re going to kick things off with our friend Tim.

Tim is one of those immediately likable sorts.  He’s warm and interesting and, most importantly, he’s interested.  Tim’s so friendly, in fact, strangers try to pretend he’s their friend.  When two people showed up at a party uninvited, they claimed they came with “Naked Tim”.  (Tim wasn’t wearing a shirt that night due to some enthusiastic dancing.)  Why did they claim to be friends with Naked Tim?  Probably because Naked Tim was the only one friendly enough to share his name with the surly people standing in the corner.

Landon and I were trying to come up with a way to thank Tim for 1.) being a really excellent friend, and 2.) for being a big and generous supporter of Root Mass Farm.  We discussed different options:  changing the name to Naked Tim’s Root Mass Farm, soliciting suggestions from our readers, etc.  Ultimately, we decided on this.  It’s small, but hopefully it’s just the beginning.