9 Tactics for Surviving Our First Country Winter 1

The rest of this winter could be tough… Landon and I are finally living in Oley full-time, anxiously awaiting the start of our first growing season. Sure, we have lots of farm work to keep us busy, but the odds of cabin fever are high.

Fortunately, I’m working on a strategy to beat the odds. My ace in the hole. Well, nine aces in the hole. It’s a crowded hole. Good thing, too.

1.  Sledding: This is a tricky one ’cause we’re f*cked if it stops snowing. Whatever. Sledding is worth the risk. Have you seen the size of our sledding hill?
2.  Boggle: Neither Landon nor I really excel at Boggle, which makes for congenial game play. It’s when egos are on the line that things can get dicey.
3.  Buffalo Wings: Nothing can get me to leave the house like the promise of a good buffalo wing. And since we’re new to the Berks County wing scene, we’ll have to spend lots of time on the town.
4.  Fires: This one is two-fold. First, we have to chop the wood. That’s a good cabin fever remedy in and of itself, albeit a tiring one.  Second, fires make me sleepy, and sleep is a good way to the pass the time.
5.  Road trips: Thanks to Landon’s Aunt Anne and her generous Christmas gift, we already have a Vermont excursion on the books.  However, my “Mon.-Thurs. and Sat.” work schedule doesn’t allow for too many multi-day affairs.  So, day-long road trips–this is first on the list.
6.  Books on tape:  Particularly ones read by celebrities.  Those are always funny.  Landon and I once listened to a version of “The Princess Bride” read by Rob Reiner.  That was actually a little uncomfortable.
7.  Hot toddies:  ‘Nuff said.
8.  Hobbies:  Hobbies are my hobby.  I embrace and discard hobbies the way other people wear clothes.  When I was a kid, it was calligraphy, origami, charcoal drawings, and friendship bracelets.   Who knows what this winter will hold?
9.  Spanish:  This one has been a long time coming.  Cross your fingers for me.