Pop Quiz #1! Can You Name This Plant? 3

So, this is our first attempt at a contest of sorts.  Right now, there are no stakes.  A right answer wins you nothing.

Eventually, we hope to reward you for competing with free things like vegetables and pickles.  But first, we have to see if it works.

You can submit your answer to the pop quiz one of two ways:

  1. Post your answer in the comments.  That’s pretty straightforward.
  2. Let us know via Twitter:  Just tweet, “@RootMassFarm Pop Quiz #1: Insert Answer Here.

In a week’s time, we’ll let you know the answer.  Dying to find out before then?  Just shoot us an e-mail at rootmassfarm@gmail.com.

Yeah?  OK, so let’s try it.

Pop Quiz #1:  Can You Name This Plant?

A:  Corn