Save Your Brine 4

Back when Landon worked at Keith’s Farm and sold produce at the Union Square Greenmarket, I met the proprietor of Rick’s Picks. The man was clearly devoted to his pickles, but beyond that, he worshiped their flavor-rich life source–the pickle brine. Over and over again, Rick of Rick’s Picks implored me to save the brine, and I just kind of ignored him.

Four years later, and I’m eating so much crow. Landon followed a tip from his friend Picky and used the brine from Philly’s finest pickles to liven up some radishes.  So, we started with seemingly useless brine and seemingly useless radishes (like most radishes) and ended up with little flavor bombs, perfect for sandwiches, salads, or a pre-dinner/post-work nosh.  Mine went into an egg salad.

Throw in some garlic scapes and let the brine do the heavy-lifting.

Landon picked up these close-up lenses to take pictures of bugs, but there aren’t any bugs yet.  So you get pickles.