Philly’s a Lucky City

It’s populated by some really dynamo folks.

Today, I had the pleasure of visiting Leotah’s Place–a newly opened coffeehouse in East Kensington.  I first learned of Leotah’s Place back in February ’09 when it was just the thoughtful vision of one Brittney Lewis (Blew).  As Blew’s classmate, we planned for our future businesses with stars in our eyes, and “pie in the sky” hopes.

Now, just over a year later, Leotah’s Place is a real thing, and it’s just as Blew always described it.  A warm, inviting space meant for connections and heart-to-hearts and drinking good coffee.  It has comfy things like chairs and sofas (as any good coffeeshop should) and lots of little touches like prominently displayed community bulletin boards and interest lighting.

Looking out over the neighborhood from the cafe’s massive French doors, my heart swelled.  I was so proud of people getting things done for themselves and their loved ones and for Philadelphia.  Small business done right.